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Minereum Smart Contract Address: 0x426ca1ea2406c07d75db9585f22781c096e3d0e0

Decimals: 8

Symbol: MNE

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MNE Staking Stats

Current Period: Day

Current Period Reward: %

Current Period MNE Staking:

All Periods MNE Staking:

👉 Staking Days Overview

MNE General Stats

Total Supply: MNE

MNE Burned:

Genesis Addresses Destroyed:

🎲 Lucky Draw 🎲 Pot: ETH

Total Genesis Addresses:

Level 2 Activated Addresses:

Level 3 Activated Addresses:

Genesis Addresses For Sale:

Genesis Addresses Sold:

Token Service Created Tokens:

Total Fee Share Holders:

Fee Shares For Sale:

Fee Shares Sold

MNE Normal Addresses For Sale:

MNE Normal Addresses Sold:

Level 2 Upgrade Fee: ETH

Level 3 Upgrade Fee: ETH

Genesis Trading Fee: %

Normal Trading Fee: %

Fee Shares Trading Fee: %

MNE Fee To Buy Fee Shares:

Amount Of Genesis Addresses to Buy Fee Shares:

Token Creation Fee: MNE

Total Fees Paid to Fee Share Holders: ETH

Current Balance for Fee Share Holders: ETH