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👉 How it works?

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To Participate Make Sure:

👉 You are using a web3 wallet such as MetaMask (PC), Trust Wallet (mobile) or Coinbase Wallet (mobile)

👉 You have the amount of MNE for the Bond value in the ethereum address you are using in your web3 browser.

👉 If you don't have MNE you can buy on Livecoin.net MNE/BTC MNE/ETH - MNE DEX - Uniswap

👉 If the ethereum network fees are too high, try lowering the gas price. You can see the current ethereum network fee prices here. Also, if the fees are too high make sure you are submitting a valid transaction. If you submit an invalid tx your web3 browser will calculate the max possible fee (because the tx is not valid). For example: do you have enough available MNE and ETH in your wallet? If not, that can be the cause.

👉 Read and understand how the Minereum Crypto Bond works, see here.

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